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A Spokane Washington Business incorporated 1998
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Tracking and Billing for School District Application - TABSDA 
is a custom copyrighted program developed by NW Information Advantage in conjunction with Idaho School Districts to Submit, Track and reconcile Medicaid Billing.
TABSDA Highlights
~EDI compliant with MMIS.  Upload and download files to submit and reconcile billing.  Check eligibility.
~Billing entry is monitored by 20+ billing compliancy warnings and restrictions.  Reduces denials almost entirely.
~Child and Provider data is complete in one program that can be networked up to 10 users, more if required.
~Track vital documentation to ensure students stay eligible for billing.
~Reconcile system to help in quick rebill of denied claims and to Identify claims that have not been processed. 

School district pays a one time fee which includes license for up to 10 users, install, configuration and importation of data (if available). Also included is 3 hours of instruction.   Contact for price.
There are NO ongoing fees or commissions with the purchase of TABSDA.  
Annual updates of TABSDA can be purchased.  Currently $120.  Custom programming available at $120/hr.
Payment plans can be arranged to work into school budgets.

“Take Control of Your Medicaid Billing Data and Stop Paying Third Party Billers”

Schedule a Demo today.  Call (509) 217-1061   Or email