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Northwest Information Advantage, LLC

A Spokane Washington Business incorporated 1998
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NW Information Advantage, LLC (NWIA) specializes in custom applications to assist small and medium size businesses to manage their data. Whether the need is designing, developing, maintaining or instructing, NWIA can help.


What is the Advantage
NWIA has served over 100+ businesses both big and small in the Northwest area. Better quality control and smaller overhead provide our customers with superior services at a lower cost.  Combine that with one-phone#, friendly, same day customer service; Advantage You.

Can We Help Your Business
  • Are you a School District looking to bill Medicaid In-house. (here)
  • Do you need a MS SQL Admin?
  • Can you not find an off the shelf retail software solution that works like you need it too?
  • Are your Business systems changing often and need a flexible software solution that can change without major costs?

Tools We Use


  • Microsoft Access
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visual Basic



  • $120 an hour
  • $720 a day plus expenses for onsite development.
  • More than 60 mile driving distance results in 1 hour per 60 miles.
  • 1/2 hour minimum for phone meetings / help / remote help. ( > 8 minutes.)

Northwest Information Advantage, LLC

(f) 509.210.7038
Spokane,  WA